It isn’t the money you have, it isn’t the places you have been, or the clothes on your back – it is the adventures you take and the memories you make that are most important! Helllo! Bienvendios, my name is Katerina and I am a young woman with many dreams and a blog to help me tell it all! Which I want to thank you for taking the time to read my crazy a$$ stories and my weird personality…that takes a lot of guts! Trust me, I know, my man tells me on a daily basis.

I wish I could tell you that I travel the world on a daily basis and make the money to travel to different places… but I can’t! If you want that well you might need to find that someplace else. In reality, a majority of peolple can’t just “get up and go” or “sell everything you have to travel” – it is not always possible. That’s why I created this blog – I am a full time student, worker, and current future employee to some place I have no idea of yet (kinda scary I graduate in 6 months). However, on the side I do travel, as much as I can! Why? Because it was ingrained into me at birth “even if you have no money Travel, even if you have to take out a loan to Travel – do it”. This was told to me constantly growing up and I live by it. I also get very homesick and can’t travel for long periods of time. All of these things are experience by other people but still they long to Travel and I want to show them it is possible in other ways to experience the world! Whether it be a 7 day, 2 week, or 6+ month adventure.

I hope I can put a smile on the faces of the people I meet and show the world the beautiful cultures that exist within!


Want to get in touch with me? Contact me at katgoesthedistance@gmail.com