Top Attractions in Barcelona, Spain

Top attractions barcelona spain

If I discussed all the top attractions in Barcelona, Spain I would have to write a mini book on all of my favorite places and you are probably wanting “results” fast! Trust me I am the same. I am a fan of bucket lists – I mean who isn’t? So before I went to Barcelona I sat down and wrote my top sights in Barcelona, Spain that I wanted to see. Come to find out that bucket list turned into a page and a half list of everything that I wanted to see within the seven days that I would be there. So instead of rambling let’s get started with the top sights!

1. Sagrada Familia

The first of my top attractions in Barcelona, Spain is the Sagrada Familia. I know original; however, once you step in front of this beautiful structure that is built in the most intricate of ways then you will understand that there is nothing original about the Sagrada Familia! In fact the detail on the massive church is still being worked on today.

Top Attractions in Barcelona, Spain

2. Arc de Triomf

Another of my top attractions in Barcelona, Spain is the Arc de Triomf. Another one of those originals, however the long path leading up to the Arc is absolutely gorgeous. Lined with trees and vendors you couldn’t ask for a better sight. I ran across the arc on accident when I was taking my morning jog. The sun was hitting the arc just right! So beautiful. Not only that, but it leads into Barcelona’s zoo and hearing the animals each morning was pretty amazing.

3. La Boqueria

I don’t know about you but when I am in Europe I love to scope out the markets and La Boqueria has made it in my top favorites. From colorful fruit to gelato there is nothing that La Boqueria didn’t have to offer. The prosciutto wrapped around mozzarella was too amazing to pass up and the medjool dates were so fresh that I spent a pretty penny for them but it was worth it in the end. What is more amazing is that La Boqueria is located close to the Gothic Quarter.

Top Attractions Barcelona, Spain

4. Park Güell

Another on my top attractions in Barcelona, Spain is Park Güell. Park Güell and Sagrada Familia are designed and created by the same architect! The colors and unique sculpture honestly blow away the mind and make you wonder how someone could come up with such ideas. I suggest getting to the park early in the morning to not only beat the tourist traffic but to see the morning sun dance off the crystals in the stones. Also huge tip: buy the tickets online!

Top Attractions Barcelona, Spain

5. Montserrat

Need a day away from the big city? I would definitely suggest taking the day trip out of Barcelona to Montserrat. It’s an hour by bus and the view is amazing. Montserrat is a Benedictine abbey and basilica located up in the beautiful mountain ranges. There are a few stunning chapels built and you are even able to attend mass. One is also able to take a cable up to the very top of the mountains and see a breathtaking view. If you are planning out your trip to Barcelona, Montserrat needs to be at the top of that list.

6. Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

If you are looking for night entertainment and someplace to bring the kids I suggest going to Fuente Mágica. Of all my top attractions in Barcelona, Spain, (next to Montserrat) I highly recommend watching the beautiful water displays! You can cuddle up to the ones you love grab some chocolate caliente or a cerveza and watch the show. Most importantly…it’s free! That’s right you don’t need to pay for the show and anyone is welcome. However, make sure you check online to see the dates and times because it doesn’t always run the same dates and times.

7. Barceloneta Beach

Nothing would complete a trip without a day to the beach – especially if it’s summer. The amazing thing about Barceloneta Beach is that it contains multiple tiny shops as well as many surf and turf’s to choose from! I found myself there once or twice during the day to check out the entertainment and try some of the tapa’s! It’s perfect for relaxing on your final days in Barcelona and do what the locals do.

I hope you enjoyed my top attractions in Barcelona, Spain. Is there any place in Barcelona that you have gone that you would recommend? Or if you haven’t gone would you go to any of these places? I definitely love hearing about your adventures and would love for you to share! Until then, ciao.


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