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Traveling has never been easier due to the use of smartphone technology and all the travel apps that it have to offer. As a young “millennial” and a solo traveler I do not think I could get by without the help of technology. Okay…well I could but it would be very stressful now a days not to use some form of technology when it comes to traveling. That’s why travel apps are so amazing! From translators, to money converters, and even finding the cheapest flights there is a plethora of travel apps that can fit your needs!

1. Skyscanner

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The first of my favorite travel apps should come to no surprise to many of you. I mean who doesn’t like the idea of cheap flights to almost anywhere in the world? Skyscanner not only provides the cheapest flights but it also provides an “Everywhere” button and helps give you the cheapest month to go to multiple different countries! Oh and did I mention it’s free!

Download Skyscanner for freeIphone | Android


tripadvisor, travel app

2. Tripadvisor

While I am fairly careful about basing places and things to do on reviews I do like to see what other people have to say about certain events or areas. Tripadvisor is an amazing travel app when it comes to discussions and reviews on restaurants, things to do, places to see, and so on. More than that it is a great starting-app to help you plan out your trip and the top places you would like to see!

Download Tripadvisor for free: Iphone | Android

3. XE Currency

xe currency, travel app

Another great travel app that you should definitely consider downloading is a currency app. Trust me! It will come in handy when you are trying to convert amounts instead of trying to do it mentally. Not only is this app helpful in sense that it converts the currency but it also shows the change in rate! Which can be mighty helpful when choosing which country gets the best “bang” for your buck.

Download XE Currency for free: Iphone | Android

backpackr, travel app


4. Backpackr

Alright! Let me just rant a little bit about how much I love this travel app! As a solo traveler I get lonely and can’t always get in touch with the loved ones so making friends abroad is a must! It is an amazing place to not only meet likeminded travelers but to make friends and explore together!

Download Backpackr for free: Iphone | Android

5. Skype

skype, travel app

This next top travel app is an obvious one! I love to keep in touch with my family when I am traveling for different lengths of time! Skype is amazing in every way. You can even put on “credits” so you can make long distant calls!

Download Skype for free: Iphone | Android

waze, travel app6. Waze

Okay, I hate being lost! Actually every one hates being lost. That’s why I absolutely love Waze! This cute app is perfect for just about everything! It tells you traffic reports, cops spotted, how to miss the worse traffic, one can tell what time they want to leave and when they will arrive! It just does so many things and I couldn’t imagine my travels without it. Best yet! The individuals giving the traffic advice are actual drivers and not a robot! Of course it also has a ton of walking routes which I thoroughly enjoy!

Download Waze for free: Iphone | Android

7. HappyCow Vegan/ Vegetarian Restraunts

happycow, travel app

To all my vegan and vegetarians out there this one is for you! I know the struggles of trying to find a vegetarian restaurant, I do (Although I am very careful to call my self a vegetarian – but story for another time)! I literally could be on my phone for hours just to try and find one place that had something to my taste buds and still find nothing. However, do not fret any longer HappyCow is to the rescue! This app helps you find restaurants and stores in nearly 180 different countries. How cool is that!

Download HappyCow for $3.99: Iphone | Android

airbnb, travel app

8. Airbnb

This is the last travel app that I want to rave about. I first stayed in an Airbnb when I was in Spain and I highly recommend it. This app provides amazing places to stay and the best thing is you get to meet new people who might just invite you back again! Airbnb makes sure that there is credibility and a safety net as well as a lot of background information on the individuals who host their homes so no worries about the safety of staying in a Airbnb!

Download Airbnb for free: Iphone | Android

While I do have a ton of favorite travel apps that I could share with you these are my top favorites and the ones that I use the most! I hope these apps will be helpful to and guide you along all the adventures that you can take! If you know any travel apps that I should check out don’t be afraid to tell me! I’d love to know more.









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