My First Experience in a Hostel

What do you think of when you hear hostel?

Horror movie, where women are kidnapped and brutally murdered is what came to mind, for me, when Hostel was brought up. I blame all the horror movies and other people’s perception (those that never stayed at a hostel) for my assumption on hostels. However, when I think of a hostel today I think of budget friendly for my college pocket. I think of the amazing friends I made and the most wonderful stay of my life!

Thank you HostelWorld!

Kitchen in a hostel that I stayed at! Photo by Hostel world because I forgot to take a photo! ūüôĀ

Hostelworld  is to thank for my comfort when it came to choosing a hostel that not only fir my budget but my needs as well. I clicked on find hostel in the city I wanted to stay and it popped up with thousands of places with reviews and testimonies from other travelers. Like I said earlier, I was scared to stay at any hostel due to a stupid horror movie. I am grateful, however, that a girl I had been living with in Norway, convinced me otherwise. She was the one that introduced me to the website Hostelworld. The website gave me amazing tips on not only places to stay but also attractions and events that were coming.

Making Friends Through a Hostel Brought Me out of My Comfort Zone!

hostel, italy, friends

Moreover, one amazing thing about hostels is the room choices. You can choose from a private room to dorms. I bravely chose a 6 dorm with mixed gender. The best choice of my life! I was able to make amazing friends from different pars of the world. We went out and explored Rome together . We tried some of the best food and wine tasting that Italy had to offer. Sleeping in a room full of strangers didn’t really bother me, what scared me was someone waking up to my sleep talking…talk about embarrassing.

If you are scared to stay at a hostel don’t be! Ever time individuals hear me say “I stayed at a Hostel”, people’s first response usually is “Weren’t you scared?” Nope. I wasn’t. Yes, I am putting my trust in strangers to look out for me and my things.¬†However, you do that every day in life when you walk out the door and get in a car. Staying with others who shared the same love I do, travel, is the best experience of my life. I was able to step out of my comfort zone by staying in a dorm style room. I definitely think that it will help others with their comfort levels as well!

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