Hiking Through Bergen, Norway

Hiking in Bergen, Norway was a fairy tale come true. Imagine tall mountains surrounding you as you tread up a sleek passage and pray you don’t fall to your death… a little dramatic, maybe! But the experience is worth every penny. I honestly did not expect to spend 6+ hours hiking across a mountain top seeing: wild sheep, open lakes, and waterfalls. Norway provided so many hiking opportunities that I could spend forever talking about them. I mean think about this there are seven large ass mountains that you can choose from: Ulriken, Fløyen, Løvastakken, Damsgårdstjellet, Lyderhorn, Sandvikstjellet, Blåmanen, Rundemanen, and Askøyfjellet. I wish I could express the beauty of walking these trails and seeing the sites from above the world but I can’t; however, I can try!

Ulriken to Fløyen – Vidden Trail

If you are in for a 6hr + hiking adventure, that could possible kick you in the ass the next day, than I suggest taking Vidden trail that connects Ulriken and Fløyen. Now if you don’t want to hike up the mountain, to hike across, and then to hike back to the bottom there is a tram, called the Fløibanen. Don’t feel weak if you have to take it, Vidden is a long ass haul and you will need your energy! There were multiple times that I should have taken the Fløibanen. However, I wanted the full experience! And boy did I get it! I hiked the Vidden trail four different times and still did not see it all! Definitely the best hike of my life.



Hiking is tedious and sometimes the body won’t hike for hours. I learned this the hard way! That’s why Rundemanen is so amazing. Yes, the hike is 3 hours long but that is up the mountain and down – not so bad right? One the one thing I learned while hiking in Norway, and Rundemanen justified the thoughts, was that weather changes drastically! I can not emphasize weather change enough. The day started sunny, yet as I walked up the trail it began to rain and then to hail. Talk about messed up. By the time I got to the top of the mountain the wind was so strong it actually lifted me slightly and knocked me down! However, don’t let weather scare you ever unless it’s blizzard-like…than please don’t go!


Also known, to me, as the stairs of death. Literally, don’t plan a leg day the day before because it will be completed. I trudged up 722 steps. I mean if there is another version of stair masters this would be it! However, don’t let the stairs of doom stop you. The walk is almost 30-35 mins. long and being emerge into the forest while walking across old and new cabins alike is the most amazing experience I could have asked for. Definitely one of the most beautiful leg days I have ever had!

Hiking through some of Bergen’s most beautiful sites definitely gave me the inspiration to find new and just as beautiful places! I definitely plan on returning one day to complete more mountains that I did not before and to reconnect with the nature. It was so pure up there and I want to experience that again!

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