Top Adventures of 2016


As 2016 has finally come to a close and 2017 opens to the new possibilities and adventures; I want to sit down with a warm cup of hot cocoa and talk about the best of 2016! Even though I just started this blog up and my youtube channel has slowly started to become a fun aspect of my life there were so many adventures that I went on that I have yet to discuss! From Washington D.C. to exploring parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and so forth a lot of crap went down! So with all that being said let’s just get into the best adventures of 2016!

1.    Road Trippin’ my way across the USA with the Momma and Big Sister

Nothing can beat spending time with the momma, after all I am a momma’s girl! Hence, not only do I love spending time with her but she is also a great travel companion and so is my big sis. Therefore, traveling across the US with a few bags and our tiny little Kia Sol a.k.a. the “BEE” was the best experience of my life. You learn so much about the people around you when you are together in close proximity for a long period of time. We stopped at all those unique and awkward areas that no one really thinks of – like the world’s largest truck stop in the US!

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Sister, Me, Momma

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2.    The tip of the Fjords – hiking up to Trolltunga

I consider myself a fit and healthy woman but if you have never hiked at high altitudes for hours on end it tears and wears at your body! What an experience though! When you look at the world around you from the peak of  those mountains you start to wonder just how big and how small the world is. You start to think to yourself that you could go rogue and just hike and climb for the rest of your life. Trust me, I was thinking these exact thoughts! My adrenaline was constantly rushing through my veins as I made my way through rocks, rivers, waterfalls, and icy pathways!


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Me on right, Denise on left

3.    Trying Italian Pizza in Rome, Italy for the first time

While I am not addicted to pizza, ice-cream, and all those other great foods I do like to have a slice of home-made pizza every now and then. When people would talk to me about Italian pizza I literally thought it was the same as American pizza: sause, cheese, crust. It hurts to eat “American” pizza now! Just take me back to Italy!
best adventures

4. Lazying on the beaches of Barcelona

Fourth and final on my list of best adventures in 2016 is the beaches and oceanic view in Barcelona, Spain. I am from the coldest state in America, literally was just ranked #1 for coldest temperatures ever seen. So when I get the chance to bask in the sun I will take it! Nothing beats the mimosa’s, sand between the toes, and a man to lean on! What a way to celebrate Christmas!

best adventures

best adventures

Well guys I hope that you also had an amazing 2016. Most of all, I hope 2017 is the best year of your entire life. Let your dreams happen, let your mind wander, and let the road take you wherever it wants to go! Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017

Shine on and keep smiling,

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