Hot Chocolating my way through Europe

Hot Chocolate!

Have you ever heard the phrase “eating your way through Europe”? If you haven’t, google it! I assure you that one will find thousands of websites and blogs on food in Europe and many other countries. While most find this intriguing or even set them on there path to trying the most delicious (scrumptious) food in the world – which mind you I wouldn’t mind doing – I have found a new approach to this quote. That is, “Hot Chocolating my way through Europe”. Applaud for my creative wording! Now you all must think me, Kat, crazy…I assure you I AM and you must be thinking to yourself “hot chocolate is universal it’s the same every where you go”…my friend you are very wrong.

Little tip about me I do not like coffee :O. Yes, I hate it actually. The taste is awful, it makes me drowzy, and I only like the smell. So my go to hot drink is always the hot cocoa!

When I landed in Norway the first thing I wanted was a good ole fashioned hot chocolate, just like you I thought that I was going to get the usual hot chocolate – from a package or a mix. Boy, was I wrong about that. I have never tasted anything as creamy and as chocolatey as that beautiful cup of hot chocolate. Thus began my desire to try all the hot chocolate in the world. Since then I have been in multiple coffee shops in europe to find that perfect cup of Hot Chocolate. Some were amazing and other’s not that great! So I’m about to tell you a few different places if you are also trying to find that perfect cup of Hot Cocoa!

 Voss, Norway: Tre Brør Kafé og Bar
I want to start off in one of the most wet places on earth! Why? Because nothing beats a cold day like hot chocolate! Not only is this little cafe eye appealing in a very rustic way and in the cutest village of Norway as well as the tiniest (only having two coffee houses) but they also serve one of the largest cups of steaming and creamy hot cocoa. Every time I took a mini side trip to Voss whether it be for hiking or touring this tiny village I would always stop at this small cafe, if not for the cocoa but for the view!

tre bror cafe voss norway

Bergen, Norway: Blom Cafe
Next on hot chocolating my way through Europe is Blom Cafe. Out of all the cafes I list, I believe, that Blom Cafe has to be my favorite in both taste and the atmosphere created! First off, having the lovely lady at the counter smiling, being kind, and helpful was a great way to start. Second, the hot chocolate…was to die for, literally to die for. It was a smooth, made with norwegian dark chocolate AND this is the first cafe I have ever been to that did barista art! I know, crazy right! The girl that showed me the place couldn’t stop giggling at how excited I was! Talk about an amazing hot cocoa experience.

Image may contain: hot chocolate, coffee cup

Rome, Italy: Pa. Po. Bistrot
Moving onto a more southern region on my list of the best hot chocolate experiences I have ever had was Rome, Italy. Now, if you haven’t been to Italy – or Europe for that matter (which you definitely should go if you have the time)-  the chocolate is completely different from the northern parts of Europe to the south! It’s crazy! If I walked into a coffee shop in northern US I would get the same cocoa as I would in the south. Europe, nope! Going to Italy changed my view on cocoa the most, why? It was the thickest, darkest, and most delicious thing I have ever tasted. It was like drinking a molten chocolate cake! Served with fruit…perfecto! Pa. Po. Bistrot, you definitely are number one in my book the next time I go back!

hot chocolate and fruit

Barcelona, Spain: Nomad Roaster’s Home
Coming to the finally – at least for now – is a cute Cafe called Nomad Roaster’s Home. I stumbled across the cafe after finishing up my run and needed a hot drink. . I found the chocolate to have a hint of something spicy with a whole lot of dark! Maybe I’m biased, as my family originated from Spain, but the hot cocoa was too good to be true. I think this is an instance where I can say that awkward phrasing “foodgasm”….or is it “hot chocolategasm”?

hot chocolate and fruit

I hope you enjoyed this little Hot Chocolate around Europe post! I definitely plan on making a part-two fairly soon as well as a little twist on these amazing coffee shops! But until then Ciao!

Shine on and Smile!


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