Hello! Bienvenidos, welcome to my little paradise “Kat the Travelista”. Catchy isn’t it? Now before you go and grumble that this is “another travel blog” I can assure you….IT IS! However, with a little bit more twists and turns.

So quick story time! When I was in high-school I dreamed of traveling the world – okay scratch that when I knew what the world “travel” meant I wanted to go! But specifically when I as in high-school and talked about going abroad after I graduated and seeing the things I saw in magazines. Unfortunately my friends and even my teachers told me my dreams would never come true. I remember sitting in class one day and writing all the places I would go but if I ever discussed them with friends they would laugh and say it will never happen. The funny thing is, after I graduate, I traveled. I was given the opportunity and I took it. The month in England and France was more than well spent. I never laughed or shoved it in the faces of those that tried to belittle my dreams. No, instead I used their critiques to fuel my dreams. I can proudly say at 21 years old I have traveled to more countries than those that tried to dismantle my dreams. Thank you God for my family that made it possible.

So what is so unique about my blog that isn’t seen before? Number one – it is literally driven by those that wish I would give up my dream. Number two – I am not like other travel bloggers. When I look up other Travel Bloggers what I get a lot of is “how to leave your job and travel the world”, “how to just get up and go”, “how to sell everything and go”etc. Unfortunately these things worked for those travelers specifically. For some of us these aren’t even possible due to other obligations that need to take importance – school, family, dream job, etc. Unfortunately traveling can’t be a priority for all of us.

I may have been to quite a few countries but I still am a college student, full-time worker, and I’m a family woman. I couldn’t possibly think of just “getting up and going”. There are many others just like me! That is why I wanted to create this blog to inspire others to travel but they don’t have to give up everything because other obligations take more priority. I want to inspire students, solo-female travelers (as I am one), working adults, etc. that traveling the world is very possible budget wise, time wise, and so on. I also want to put smiles on millions of peoples faces and I want to educate others on new cultures and lifestyles! This blog is to empower those that had their dreams taken away and for those that want to go on an adventure! So follow me as I take on this crazy adventure called life!

Stay Bright and Smile – Adios!

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