Top Attractions in Barcelona, Spain

Top attractions barcelona spain

If I discussed all the top attractions in Barcelona, Spain I would have to write a mini book on all of my favorite places and you are probably wanting “results” fast! Trust me I am the same. I am a fan of bucket lists – I mean who isn’t? So before I went to Barcelona I sat down and wrote my top sights in Barcelona, Spain that I wanted to see. Come to find out that bucket list turned into a page and a half list of everything that I wanted to see within the seven days that I would be there. So instead of rambling let’s get started with the top sights!

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My Favorite Travel Apps

travel apps

Traveling has never been easier due to the use of smartphone technology and all the travel apps that it have to offer. As a young “millennial” and a solo traveler I do not think I could get by without the help of technology. Okay…well I could but it would be very stressful now a days not to use some form of technology when it comes to traveling. That’s why travel apps are so amazing! From translators, to money converters, and even finding the cheapest flights there is a plethora of travel apps that can fit your needs!

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Why I Decided to Solo Travel

Thinking of solo travel? It can be very daunting to start out on your own, it doesn’t matter if you are a female or male – solo travel can be scary when you first start out. When I stepped off the plane, 5000 miles away from the safety of my family and friends, it was the scariest moment of my entire life. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, I didn’t speak the language – I honestly wanted to turn around and go right back home: to my cat, my parents, my own bed. Forget about my dreams of solo travel. Forget about adventure. But then, as I was on a 3 day hike to Trolltunga in Norway, I remembered the reasons I chose solo travel in the first place.

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My First Experience in a Hostel

What do you think of when you hear hostel?

Horror movie, where women are kidnapped and brutally murdered is what came to mind, for me, when Hostel was brought up. I blame all the horror movies and other people’s perception (those that never stayed at a hostel) for my assumption on hostels. However, when I think of a hostel today I think of budget friendly for my college pocket. I think of the amazing friends I made and the most wonderful stay of my life!

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Hiking Through Bergen, Norway

Hiking in Bergen, Norway was a fairy tale come true. Imagine tall mountains surrounding you as you tread up a sleek passage and pray you don’t fall to your death… a little dramatic, maybe! But the experience is worth every penny. I honestly did not expect to spend 6+ hours hiking across a mountain top seeing: wild sheep, open lakes, and waterfalls. Norway provided so many hiking opportunities that I could spend forever talking about them.

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Top Adventures of 2016


As 2016 has finally come to a close and 2017 opens to the new possibilities and adventures; I want to sit down with a warm cup of hot cocoa and talk about the best of 2016! Even though I just started this blog up and my youtube channel has slowly started to become a fun aspect of my life there were so many adventures that I went on that I have yet to discuss! From Washington D.C. to exploring parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and so forth a lot of crap went down! So with all that being said let’s just get into the best adventures of 2016!

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Hot Chocolating my way through Europe

Hot Chocolate!

Have you ever heard the phrase “eating your way through Europe”? If you haven’t, google it! I assure you that one will find thousands of websites and blogs on food in Europe and many other countries. While most find this intriguing or even set them on there path to trying the most delicious (scrumptious) food in the world – which mind you I wouldn’t mind doing – I have found a new approach to this quote. That is, “Hot Chocolating my way through Europe”. Applaud for my creative wording! Now you all must think me, Kat, crazy…I assure you I AM and you must be thinking to yourself “hot chocolate is universal it’s the same every where you go”…my friend you are very wrong.

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Hello! Bienvenidos, welcome to my little paradise “Kat the Travelista”. Catchy isn’t it? Now before you go and grumble that this is “another travel blog” I can assure you….IT IS! However, with a little bit more twists and turns.

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